The most robust element, of the five basic ones, is Wood. The element of Wood shows its sturdiness in the growth of grass through a concrete slab, in the steadfastness of conifers on the top of a windy, icy mountain, and in the seeds that crack in the sun and heat and give new life.

Wood is a symbol of new beginnings and unwavering perseverance, but also flexibility.

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Interview with a Polyglot

Interview  Laura Blumenthal
Author: Natasa Dinic

Laura Blumenthal is a polyglot who speaks six languages. She is an English language educator and a teacher trainer at Douglas College, in New Westminster, BC. She has lived and worked in the U.S., Germany, Turkey, and Canada. She is currently learning Serbian and Russian, and is active on the Polyglots Facebook group.

We spoke with Laura about what is means to be a polyglot and how much richer her personal and professional life has been as a result.

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