Serbian Krsna Slava

The celebration of family Patron Saint’s Day which is called Krsna Slava or Slava is a unique Serbian custom and phenomenon in Orthodox Christianity. It is observed annually, on the feast of the saint to whom Slava is dedicated, by all members of the same family or community, in honor of their protector saint. This centuries-old custom clearly reflects the self-consciousness of the Serbian people and says much about the importance of preserving the national tradition. Slava is the most important family holiday of every Orthodox Serb, honoring the heavenly patron of the whole family through generations.

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Monastery Visoki Decani

Visoki Dečani or simply Dečani is a medieval Serbian Orthodox Christian monastery located near Decan, Kosovo and Metohija, Serbia. It was founded in the first half of the 14th century by Serbian king Stefan Dečanski.

The Visoki Dečani monastery is located by the Dečanska Bistrica river gorge at the foot of the Prokletije Mountains, in the region of Metohija. It is located about 2 kilometres from the town of Deçan. The monastery is managed by the Serbian Orthodox Eparchy of Raška and Prizren.

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