– So, why coffee from a teapot?

– It’s a long story, my dear, but the shortest answer would be – a joyful habit!

– I’ve never heard of anyone making coffee in a teapot.

– You know, when I moved into this apartment, for a long time, I only had one, worn-out saucepan. I used it to make coffee, tea, an egg once a day, and sometimes soup. I also used it to grab water and rinse my hair when I took a bath. And then I was given a teapot by a friend from work, which soon replaced the saucepan, and now I use it to make coffee and water the flowers. Now, I can finally afford to buy a coffee pot, but somehow it hasn’t happened yet!

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The Pliocene Woman

The Earth’s Big Bang happened between four and five billion years ago, and the planet will live a total of about 12 billion years before it is either devoured or scorched by the Sun, ultimately, a red giant. However, if we illustrate the history of our planet with a clock on which one hour marks billion years, we can see how the presence of animals and plants is noticeably short, starting around four and ending around five o’clock.

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