Interview with a Polyglot

Interview  Laura Blumenthal
Author: Natasa Dinic

Laura Blumenthal is a polyglot who speaks six languages. She is an English language educator and a teacher trainer at Douglas College, in New Westminster, BC. She has lived and worked in the U.S., Germany, Turkey, and Canada. She is currently learning Serbian and Russian, and is active on the Polyglots Facebook group.

We spoke with Laura about what is means to be a polyglot and how much richer her personal and professional life has been as a result.

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A Reflection on an Excerpt from a Diary of Teaching Serbian as a Foreign Language Online

The world is constantly on the move and everything movable moves together with it. With the ceaseless unfolding of new chapters of life, the human race is moving, slowly but surely, into online reality with everything it brings along.

Two years ago, when I replaced almost all traditional classes of teaching Serbian language as a foreign language with online teaching, I didn’t dream that the time would soon come, when this would become just about the only possible way.

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Online Teaching – Coffee Shop of the Future

“Is teaching online easier than in a classroom?
Here is my story.” – Natasa Dinic

Teaching Serbian as a foreign language is something, I have been doing in Canada for almost two decades. Over the past 19 years, I have taught Serbian language, literature and history through Serbian Orthodox Churches in Vancouver, community centers, and my home, but today, 90% of my teaching is via Skype!

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