Graphic Novel by Nemo Balkanski

“I remember a time of chaos, this wasted land…” is a part of the opening monologue spoken by the Great Northern Tribe’s leader and chief in George Miller’s cult film The Road Warrior.

This brutal, anti-utopian environment of Mad Max is only one of the worlds in the rich heritage of international film and comic books, with which The Deliverer, the new comic book by Nemanja Moravic Balkanski, is engaged.

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“Some creators seduce and beguile but others choose to inform and affect with confrontational shock tactics…” – Win Wiacek

Graphic Novel by Nemo Balkanski

Graphic Novel Reviews and Recommendations by WIN WIACEK

The most wonderful thing about the comics medium is the limitless ways stories and art can be combined to educate, elucidate and entertain. For every Hergé there’s a Harvey Pekar, for every Alfred Bestall a Johnny Ryan (and John Ryan too) and so on, and there are comic strips to suit literally every age and temperament.

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