– So, why coffee from a teapot?

– It’s a long story, my dear, but the shortest answer would be – a joyful habit!

– I’ve never heard of anyone making coffee in a teapot.

– You know, when I moved into this apartment, for a long time, I only had one, worn-out saucepan. I used it to make coffee, tea, an egg once a day, and sometimes soup. I also used it to grab water and rinse my hair when I took a bath. And then I was given a teapot by a friend from work, which soon replaced the saucepan, and now I use it to make coffee and water the flowers. Now, I can finally afford to buy a coffee pot, but somehow it hasn’t happened yet!

– So, we drink this “joyful habit” coffee out of joyful habit?

– Yes, something like that…

– He-he-he…

– I just wonder – what would your “joyful habit”, in its habit, say if you told it: “Listen, starting tomorrow, there’s no more coffee from the teapot, I’m going to buy a coffee pot!”

– It would scream!

– Oh, yes… That’s why I’m giving it up – you know – so it doesn’t become second nature to me.

– Hey, scream queen, how are you? I haven’t seen you in ages! Tell me everything!

– I don’t know, I guess I’m fine. I’m rummaging through my Sh-a and sh-A – when you begin to pull out and take off all that is unloving in you.

– Perhaps we are the most honest in those small inaccuracies.

– Please, just take it easy, it is a heavy topic…

– Sometimes I imagine that the thought I would like to express is true, even though contemplation is just another version of a sketch of a clipped thought.

– A thought can only seek and yearn for the Truth, but it cannot hear the Truth by itself.

– Yes, but we also yearn with our hearts too, don’t we?

– And with a prayer… – Oh, yes.

– Oh, how I love these chattings of ours!

– Who knew this day would somehow turn out to be special like this?

– The evacuation is in progress…

Natasa Dinic

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