(Part 2)


In my previous text about Water (Part 1) I have written that it is an element that helps us express ambition, will, ideas related to work and career. This is its second part, a text about the connection of Water and workspace at home and home office decoration.

In these times we live in, most of the things that surround us in relation to known systems, institutions and established values, seem uncertain, unstable, ever-changing in ways that we cannot fully comprehend yet. When everything around you is unstable or volatile, it is important that your personal system is stable and fluid. Your system is your body, mind, soul and your space. It is the place where you sleep, reset and renew.

In these new, global circumstances, each of us has undergone or is still undergoing a certain type of transformation through adapting to the new circumstances. Water as an element can help a lot with this. Since human organism is almost entirely made of Water, we can learn from water by observing its qualities, and benefit by understanding and using everything we know about it.

Active, yang water, living water, activates your body. If possible, try to find north (also represented by Water) in a space, and make yourself a working corner there. The north sector represents the work and career area of life. If you have a small space and it is not possible to make a home office, find north and intensify work-related activities in that sector. It is important that all the documents and papers related to work are well organized, that everything can be easily found, and that you have a good overview and are in control. If there is chaos in your north sector, your work will be confusing, chaotic and out of control. Naturally, this will affect your finances in the same way.

If possible, place a live, leafy and healthy plant in this sector, e.g. croton, crassula, ZZ plant, fern. These are the plants that also purify from all kinds of pollution and even radiation from mobile phones and computers. If you are facing a wall, you shouldn’t have a mirror in front of you because it will distract you. A picture of a road or a spacious landscape will create clear mental messages that will open up your mind. Abstract images are not desirable, nor are pictures of battles or battlefields, any kind of injuries, blood and aggression. What is desirable to have in your north sector is a lot of white, the color of Metal. Metal supports Water and gives it shape. As an element, Metal enhances concentration and focus, so you can add in this sector metal objects to store pencils, scissors and anything else you need for work.

There are a lot of people who started working from home and who can look at this change as a certain kind of freedom. A space that is only yours, which you can decorate in your own taste, a new kind of comfort, and a space free from any kind of external stress. Working from home, in the north sector, can help fight depression, because Water, as an element, symbolizes that segment of our health. Your mental state will improve if you organize this sector well, relax in the new circumstances and establish new rules for yourself. White and gray are the two most desirable colors, although you can add details in azure or light blue. Organize your drawers, clean your windows, replace and mark folders, and create a new flow of energy. Determine the time for work, for yourself, for your family. Create a new structure which will allow you to be creative and modify it depending on the circumstances. The most important thing is to establish your own system, your fluidity, good communication with the environment, and working from home will surely become much easier, and more pleasant and fruitful.

In the environment where everything is insecure, security comes from within. It is created by establishing own stable and orderly habits and rhythms that support life. Controlled Water is the source of life.

Marija Vrebalov Djordjevic

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