Milena Zdravkovic

Born in Požarevc, a small town near Belgrade in Serbia, where her parents worked in the federal prison. From an early age she developed an extreme interest for the arts with a keen preference toward movement. This interest led her, at age six, to pursue studying ballet.

During her adolescence, her academic strengths were mathematics during high school. The ability to combine the fundamentals of science with her artistic talents made it a natural choice for her to enter the world of architecture.

In 1988 Milena enrolled in the prestigious architectural school at the University of Belgrade. She graduated in 1995.

During her studies at the University Milena also continued her love of dance and was an active performing member of the dance troupe “MIMARTheatre”. It was also at this time she collaborated with artist Mila Stratimirovic performing numerous art show installations as a choreographer and performer.

In 1996, Milena moved to Canada. After living in several Canadian cities she chose Vancouver as her base to pursue a career in film. Once again combining her talents she initially started designing sets for various productions. Realising, however, she wanted to express more of her artistic side she began focusing more on her illustrating talent.

Currently Milena still makes Vancouver her home and is enjoying a burgeoning career as a notable illustrator in the film community often working on several projects simultaneously.