Olivera Radic

Olivera Radić was born in Prizren. She finished elementary school in Velika Hoča and high school in Orahovac. She enrolled at the Faculty of Philology, Department of Yugoslav Literature and Serbian Language in Priština. She completed her studies in Kosovska Mitrovica at the Department of Literature and Serbian Language. She has been working as a Serbian Language and Literature teacher in Orahovac high school since 1998. She is married to Blagoje Radić from Orahovac and a mother of four children. Olivera has been awarded the silver medal of The Order of the Mother of Jugović. She is a writer and chronicler of the truth about the life of Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija, and has written for magazines Hvosno, Soko, Sveti Knez Lazar, Svetosavsko zvonce, Jedinstvo, etc.She also writes for the most read Orthodox website in the world, Orthochristian.com from Moscow. Olivera is a member of Journalists’ Association of Serbia, and an associate of radios Svetigora and Slovo Ljubve. She is constantly engaged in humanitarian work.