Online Teaching – Coffee Shop of the Future

“Is teaching online easier than in a classroom?
Here is my story.” – Natasa Dinic

Teaching Serbian as a foreign language is something, I have been doing in Canada for almost two decades. Over the past 19 years, I have taught Serbian language, literature and history through Serbian Orthodox Churches in Vancouver, community centers, and my home, but today, 90% of my teaching is via Skype!

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We Create Our Own Smell of Peace

“When frankincense starts burning, I feel purity with every breath I take. I feel peace, warmth and the presence of intangible security – primeval, from ancient times, omnipresent, and only enhanced in moments of dedication…” – Marija Vrebalov

While thinking about my vocation of the designer, about creativity, creation and the impact all of this has on my personal life and the lives of people I cooperate, or have cooperated, with – if I have only just touched someone else’s life with this part of my own – I realized that we all share one thing: we all love to leave our mark in our space. We love our mark: on our wardrobe, in a cooked meal, a written word…

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