“Earth is well known as an element and almost equally important for all of the human race, over all continents and meridians. She is ‘Mother’. We come from her and to her we will return. She is stable and constant, she is home to foundations, both symbolic and actual. She is the source of life. We plant in her, build on her, make from her.” – Marija Vrebalov

Life consists of cycles. Birth, growing up, aging, dying. A year consists of cycles, seasons, depending on where we live. A day consists of cycles. Everything in nature, both animate and inanimate, consists of five basic elements, as they are grouped by ancient cultures like the Eastern ones. These are Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, Fire. From ancient times, the description of the elements given by different cultures, their significance, impact, effect on man and his environment, has greatly overlapped within the symbolism of each individual element.

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