Duel With Your Own Shadow

Henry Hill’s legendary confession line from the beginning of The Goodfellas: “As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster”, to a large extent also referenced Martin Scorsese’s personality. It remains noted that his childhood spent on the sidewalks of New York could easily draw him to the crime world. He never hid his fascination with characters from that milieu. He was shown two more avenues of life – through the Catholic Church and through the cinema. Choosing the latter will result in one of the most widely acclaimed oeuvres in film history.

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The Joey Project

“Last month we watched the fires rage in Australia, witnessed the devastation of lost habitat, wounded animals, exhausted fire fighters and volunteers.” – Ura Jones

Here on the rainy west coast of Canada, I wanted to do something, anything – to contribute a small drop of help, of hope. So I joined a global collective of crafters and began to sew Joey pouches for the millions of orphaned marsupials. I am happy to have created 102 pouches in various sizes; may they provide a small comfort to help these animals survive.

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