The Joey Project

“Last month we watched the fires rage in Australia, witnessed the devastation of lost habitat, wounded animals, exhausted fire fighters and volunteers.” – Ura Jones

Here on the rainy west coast of Canada, I wanted to do something, anything – to contribute a small drop of help, of hope. So I joined a global collective of crafters and began to sew Joey pouches for the millions of orphaned marsupials. I am happy to have created 102 pouches in various sizes; may they provide a small comfort to help these animals survive.

Did you know that the noun Joey includes all marsupial babies, not just kangaroo babies?  Good thing to know…

Female marsupials have a pouch on their bellies, which they can zip and unzip by using a special muscle.

Other marsupials include kangaroos, wallabies, wombats, and opossums, koalas.

Did you know that flying marsupials are pollinators – of eucalyptus, of vital flora and fauna? Good thing to know…

The honey possum of Australia pollinates the flowers of banksia and eucalyptus flowers. Many tropical bats are pollinators as well as a number of other tropical mammals, including bush babies, sugar gliders and other small Australian marsupials.

Over the last few weeks, as I drafted patterns, cut, ironed and sewed Joey pouches, I pondered on a few things.

At the risk of being overly earnest, here they are:

We are all mothers – man, woman, child… We all have it within us to protect, love and empower – to care for others, ourselves, animals, our habitat.

We are all connected – humanity, animal kingdom, nature.

I often revel in the mysterious spirit connection I share with my dog, the vital quiet energy I receive from a walk in the woods. And also, I am gratified by this moment – a face book article that went viral, connecting me to this Joey Project endeavor.

We can all do something good – at the very least, it feels good. To do nothing, to look for meaning where there isn’t any – it feels lousy. Being part of a solution is empowering, fulfilling and meaningful.

The tragedies of the world unfurl every day and can nearly wipe us out, if not physically then emotionally.

But humanity has always faced loss, fear, grief, war – and yet we press on to rebuild, renew and find answers.

So, just share your gift. We all have so much to give.

Let us all mother, connect, do positive things.

Let us witness the rebirth of Mother Earth.

Shout outs to:

Natasa, my amazing work colleague.
Thanks for the opportunity to send in this story to your magazine.

DownUnder Travel Agency for arranging the Vancouver cargo drop of Joey Wildlife Pouches.

Ura Jones
Good thoughts. Good words. Good deeds.
(From my proud Zoroastrian roots)

Contributor to the Animal Rescue Freecycle Craft Guild ARF

Aspiring Textile Pattern Designer : |

Lucky mother to doggie Dash.

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