Zeb Ghauri (1928–1985)

All outlines are lost, all sights, all landscapes and me
They’re one again – the sky, sea, shore, and me

A secret word being a mirror to the heart
A haze spread from scene to scene, and me

As the maiden wind teases when it passes on
But silent for so long are the deep sea, and me

How well known they are to each other, Zeb!
Those coconut trees, these stones on shore, and me

Ho chuke gum saare khadd-o manzar aur main
Phir hue ek aasmaan saahil samunder aur main

Ek harf-e raaz dil per aaeena hota hua
Ek kuhar chhaayi hui manzar ba manzar aur main

Chhed kar jaise guzar jaati hai dosheeza hawa
Der se khaamosh hai gehra samunder aur main

Kis qadar ek doosre se lagte hain maanoos Zeb
Naariyal ke ped ye saahil ke pathhar aur main

Zeb Ghauri

From the book The Wonderful World of Urdu Ghazals by Hazaaron Khwahishein Aisi
Selected, Edited and Translated by Anisur Rahman

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