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  1. My dear Tasha,

    When I saw this breathtaking image that you’ve designed for “The Magi”, a poem written by William Butler Yeats, I literally started to cry…
    Looking at blurriness, shadows and broken pieces in this image…, Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus wrapped in white swaddling clothes, with His crown of thorns alongside, I see all those disoriented people, past and present, who knew many things about Lord Jesus Christ but have never met Him in their hearts, never talked to Him as to a best friend.
    I also see all those people who have Lord Jesus Christ in their hearts but still feel the “Calvary’s turbulence”, as if the mystery of the incarnation of the Son of God was not enough! As if His first coming left us unfinished and even more dissatisfied.
    For that reason, aren’t we all, as human beings, constantly in some kind of transition with “our helms of silver hovering side by side”?
    I don’t know…
    What I do know is that we are all Magi and seekers of God, and that we just need to be reminded that the dark cave as Christ’s birthplace is also the dark tomb as the place of His resurrection. Until the second coming of Christ it is okay to see the death of the Calvary, to be Magi, to be the “unsatisfied ones”…

    You are amazing…
    Natasa Dinic

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