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Feng shui, if we completely simplify it – which is the way to improve our life conditions – is the practice of harmonizing the elements: Metal, Earth, Fire, Wood and Water. Each element has its own characteristics, as well as duality. Each element has its yang – male and its yin – female nature.

As architecture and interior design deal with structure, function, visual impact and safety, feng shui opens up a new dimension –  our conscious and unconscious view  –  the associations and emotions we have in relation to a space or the objects in it. These associations and emotions are individual, and they guide us when we decorate the interior. They reflect our inner being, our inclinations and our deepest nature.

The ancient tool used in feng shui, which covers the most important areas of life, is called bagua. Bagua is a tool used to analyze a space. A simple octagon divided into eight sectors that contain trigrams. In Chinese, ba means eight and gua means trigram. Bagua literally means eight trigrams. Each sector represents one segment, an area of life, and belongs to a certain cardinal point and to a certain element.

In this structure, Water belongs to north and to the career area. It is marked by the number one, its colors are black, dark blue and aqua blue, and the shape of it is wavy with soft rounded curved lines.

Water, just like the other four elements, can be yin, and this refers to standing bodies of water, such as lakes and ponds, as well as water in jugs, bottles or glasses. Yin water is still. Its symbols are: boats, turtles, fish and shellfish. It also symbolizes the cold. The time of year it refers to is winter, and its organs are the bladder and the kidneys. The time of day Water stands for is from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Water can also be yang. This refers to streams, rivers, waterfalls. Inside a house, a fountain or a picture of a waterfall is yang.

If you know where north is in your house, you can clearly observe the aspect of your career through the analysis of this sector. North symbolizes communication, emotions and discoveries. The Water sector speaks about the strength of our will, about our driving energy.

If this sector is missing inside a house, it is clear that all the household members’ problems are directly related to these features. It is usually manifested through a lack of ambition, lack of motivation, lethargy, poor communication, difficulties in finding own path in life, mood swings and depression.

Ask yourself: Where am I now with my career? What do I feel, and can I express my feelings clearly? What keeps me from moving up in my career? Am I satisfied with my role in life? Am I really living the life I want? Does earning money come easily to me, and how well do I manage money?

Find north in every room of your house and analyze it. It must be in balance everywhere: in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, the balcony. If this segment is bare, cluttered with unnecessary things, or in colors and shapes that are in opposition to the symbols of Water, then this certainly indicates a disharmony and possibly challenging circumstances in real life.

In the cycle of creation, Water is supported by Metal. If your bedroom is in the north area of your house, paint it white because this is the color of Metal and it will strengthen the energy of  Water. Also, add blue draperies to windows, navy blue details, pictures in white frames, bedspreads and sheets in sea blue, devoid of dark shades and black and active yang water, such as fountains, aquariums or photos of waterfalls.

Too much water is also not desirable because it is the carrier of energy that is difficult to control, so its dominance in a space is manifested either as depression or euphoria.

In the living room, which is active, where you hang out, talk and have guests, and which, by its nature, can be more yang – male and active, you can decorate with pictures of fish, turtles, in black picture frames, with dark blue or black carpet, and with other details in white or light blue. Everything should be in equal amounts, in harmony, and the emotion you should be feeling when you look north is serenity.

Marija Vrebalov Djordjevic

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