Kids playground

She ran through the misty night.
She ran with her furry companions.
The door to her euphoric dreamland awaits her beyond the clouded forest.
She finally could be set free from her fears, pain, tears, loneliness and sickness.
Her memories hurt with every painful breath, as she started getting closer
to the end where the air was fresh.

She knew this would be the last time she would see her again, for a long time.
It saddened her that she was leaving her all alone in this painful world.
The only thing that made her smile for her is that they’ll see each other one day.

On the horizon she could see the dazzling sunset.
There was stepping stones leading her to the floral arch.
There was a slight aroma of lavender and roses in the air.
It became more darker but she could still see that light
coming from beyond the horizon.
It was now a tad gloomy because the light was slowly moving away from her view.

She saw fireflies fly on the path to guide her, so she began to walk.
She loved fireflies, she thought mesmerized in this enchanting environment.
Her patient gown turned into a white florescent dress.
She reached her destination.

The gate way in the big blue leafed willow tree was glowing.
Birds in white, black and blue colors bestowed upon her a flower crown.
The flowers we’re unique in no other flower crown she’s ever seen.
They we’re blue roses, Black Baccara Rose leaves, white lilies,
forget-me-nots and cherry blossoms.

She saw a box drop into her cold fragile hands.
She opened it. It was a candle with a pumpkin spice scent.

Before she stepped foot into the place that she’ll be finally
set free from reality and its harsh laws and ways,

she whispered “Goodbye…”

(a couple of minutes later)

The doctor came out of the room she was held in.
Hopefully its good news I know it was bad since she was coughing out blood but
hopefully its curable.
The doctor walked silently to me and then said “I’m sorry for your loss.”

(next day)

I was at the funeral; her coffin was made out of cherry oak wood with a wolf picture carved into the coffin as a design.
Wolves we’re her favourite animal.

(hours later)

Everyone had left except me and the place she was buried in was a make shift temple like thing.
It was made out of cobble with a water fall one the right and left side of the structure.
I gazed over at the woods it was pretty late at night, so it was hard to see.
Then I looked closer at the woods because something caught my eye.
It was a wolf surrounded by fireflies and Forget-me-nots.
I smiled and spread the Black Baccara Rose leaves on the water covering her coffin.
I left and smiled at the full moon through the car window as my brother was driving…

I whispered to myself “Congrats, you escaped…”

Poem and image by Zoe Sophia Nikolic, 11 years old
March 2020, Vancouver, Canada


My city is one of the most wonderful and livable cities ever built and with the most advanced technology that might change the world. This city is called Technopolis. Uros Moravic-Balkanski

The City of Technoplis, Hand art by Uros Moravic-Balkanski

Technopolis is built in Canary Islands, on the biggest island Tenerife, in the Atlantic Ocean across from Morocco. I have chosen this very spot for my city first of all because of its subtropical climate (a range between 20-28 C), a perfect weather throughout the year. These islands are on a such a great spot that they are considered a bridge between four continents, Africa, North America, South America, and Europe. Technopolis will be connected to other smaller islands of the archipelago as well by bridges and underwater tunnels for both transportation and easier economic communication.

As Technopolis is surrounded by the ocean from each side we will naturally build factories with special technology to clear the salty water and turn it into clean, drinking water.

Besides the food we will be getting from ocean and thriving tropical agriculture, we will build vertical gardens because our space is limited. Once we grow enough of it, the food for our citizens as well as visitors will be free. The internet, electricity and transportation will be free also. We believe this will attract more tourists as our economy will be primarily based on tourism. The profit made of it will be invested in newest technology such as robotics, drone technology and ways of connecting with rest of the islands and world.

My city is a place of all types of technology, and all the cars run on electricity or compressed air. And how we get enough electricity? We use the wind from the north of the island and turning it into energy. Because of the great climate and many sunny hours per day, we will also install solar panels anywhere possible (rooftops, solar windows…) and turn it into energy.

Drone technologies will be used for taxing or package delivering but also for improving safety. Drones will be used like some sort of baby sitters, helpers to elderly people or guides for blind or disabled people. Beside that, robots will be a major part of safety program in Technopolis. Robo police officers for example, or Robo ambulance worker can be a great help to the people already working in hospitals and police stations or fire stations.

In Technopolis the main public transportation are trains, both above and underground or underwater, drone taxies, electrical/air cars.

Overall, Technopolis will be a modern Tech-looking city, safe and pleasant for living. Besides all that technology and futuristic look-and-feel we will look after the nature the best we can. Every building will have to have a green area within itself by the city law. We want to make sure that our citizens are able to live a healthy and happy life.

Uros Moravic-Balkanski
Grade VI, Elsie Roy Elementary, Vancouver, Canada

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