The most robust element, of the five basic ones, is Wood. The element of Wood shows its sturdiness in the growth of grass through a concrete slab, in the steadfastness of conifers on the top of a windy, icy mountain, and in the seeds that crack in the sun and heat and give new life.

Wood is a symbol of new beginnings and unwavering perseverance, but also flexibility.

Each of the five elements has its own characteristics and qualities and, just like all other elements, Wood is at its best when in balance with the other four elements.

Harmony is highly esteemed in Eastern culture and philosophy. In addition to the slow flow of energy, with no blockages, and the uncontrollably fast flow of energy – the balance of all five elements through their two types of energy, yin and yang, is considered crucial for a harmonious, well-balanced life.

Our bodies are in direct correlation with our environment. They communicate with each other, interrelate through food, senses, the use of the elements (raw or processed) from nature… There are many examples where people use all five elements without even being aware of it. 

In the organ system of the human body: the liver and gallbladder belong to the element of Wood.

On the color palette: all shades of green belong to the element of Wood.

In the annual cycle: spring belongs to the element of Wood. In the twenty-four-hour cycle – the time of Wood is between 11p.m .and 3 a.m., when our liver and gallbladder regenerate.

With the points of compass: Wood belongs to the sector of east and southeast.

In numerology: Wood is represented by the numbers three and four.

In the traditional Chinese philosophy of living and creating living environment, Wood represents health, family, the eldest son. Wood is a symbol of accumulated wealth, savings, investments and property. The element of Wood is directly related to growth because it represents “a living thing”, which, with its growth in real time and space, indicates its place in the metaphysical world.

By trying to accumulate wealth, it is possible to bring too much of this element into a living or working space: through colors, materials, etc. Symbolically or by bringing in actual flowerpots, you might believe that this way, you will intensify the flourishing of the material world in your life.

As with everything, it is important to stay moderate here, balanced and with the flow. Not every tree or flower is suitable for living space, just as not every green color is good for painting all the walls with.

Good health comes through healthy salads, fresh fruits and vegetables that we keep on the dining table or in the fridge.

Fresh flowers in a vase or flowerpots with healthy plants of round leaves (excluding climbers) will enrich your space with oxygen, beauty and freshness.

If you have a balcony, you should have beautiful flowerpots with healthy plants on it. If living in a house with a garden, it is very important how you care for the lawn, trees and flowers in it. All this represents yourself, your life, health and wealth.

When you feel stagnation in your life, on any level – check the plants in your home. Just as green shoots of grass represent the beginning of spring and new life, so you can improve dry and old plants by pruning or you can replace them with new ones. Sow new grass, plant a tree, or place two pots with healthy green plants next to the front door. Metaphysically, all this represents new beginnings, growth, and prosperity.

Grouping plants of three or four in east and southeast amplifies the energy of the Wood sectors. It doesn’t have to be a plant or a vase of a fresh-cut bouquet, it can be cushions in pastel green color, or a soft green blanket for your favorite reading nook, or photos of a beautiful forest from your walk.

It is important to understand that too much Wood has its dangers, especially in the bedroom. Therefore, try to avoid floral wallpaper and bedding with flowers and trees. In the dining room, excess Wood can cause conflicts with your family at the table. In the office, too much Wood can cause intensified conflicts and verbal aggression among employees. If you recognize this as your situation, add a candle to the table during meals because the fire will reduce the strength of the energy of Wood. If you are often angry and aggressive, the energy of Wood dominates within you and around you, so try to make a list of everything that is made of wood or a symbol of Wood and try to dial it down and thus control its impact on yourself and your family.

If you are in a bad mood, inert, in poor health: flowers like orchids and chrysanthemums, bamboos, and fruit in east will have a beneficial effect on the health and vitality of everybody around and will also activate the energy of wealth and prosperity.

In cities where there is no greenery, trees and vibrant vegetation – the health of its citizens is poor, depression and lethargic mood dominate, and business opportunities and development are in stagnation.

Plant trees, nurture existing ones and walk a lot in the greenery – it will always strengthen your inner energy of Wood, your vitality.

Marija Vrebalov Djordjevic

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