“Some creators seduce and beguile but others choose to inform and affect with confrontational shock tactics…” – Win Wiacek

Graphic Novel by Nemo Balkanski

Graphic Novel Reviews and Recommendations by WIN WIACEK

The most wonderful thing about the comics medium is the limitless ways stories and art can be combined to educate, elucidate and entertain. For every Hergé there’s a Harvey Pekar, for every Alfred Bestall a Johnny Ryan (and John Ryan too) and so on, and there are comic strips to suit literally every age and temperament.

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The Lady of Shallot

Alfred, Lord Tennyson (1809–1892)

Part I 

On either side the river lie 
Long fields of barley and of rye, 
That clothe the wold and meet the sky; 
And thro’ the field the road runs by |
      To many-tower’d Camelot; 
And up and down the people go, 
Gazing where the lilies blow 
Round an island there below, 
       The island of Shalott. 

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Man, Matter and Energy

“We are the least upset when we are in a familiar, well-established system, whether it be an environment, habits, relationships, a path we are moving down.” – Marija Vrebalov

Every beginning is a challenge: a new job, relationship, book, habit, moving house… We are the least upset when we are in a familiar, well-established system, whether it be an environment, habits, relationships, a path we are moving down. When we want a change, or when it signals its inevitability, we need to make adjustments. It works the same when it comes to interior design too. Every change requires customization, adaptation, and balancing.

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“My city is one of the most wonderful and livable cities ever built and with the most advanced technology that might change the world. This city is called Technopolis.” – Uros Moravic-Balkanski

Technopolis is built in Canary Islands, on the biggest island Tenerife, in the Atlantic Ocean across from Morocco. I have chosen this very spot for my city first of all because of its subtropical climate (a range between 20-28 C), a perfect weather throughout the year. These islands are on a such a great spot that they are considered a bridge between four continents, Africa, North America, South America, and Europe. Technopolis will be connected to other smaller islands of the archipelago as well by bridges and underwater tunnels for both transportation and easier economic communication.

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Online Teaching – Coffee Shop of the Future

“Is teaching online easier than in a classroom?
Here is my story.” – Natasa Dinic

Teaching Serbian as a foreign language is something, I have been doing in Canada for almost two decades. Over the past 19 years, I have taught Serbian language, literature and history through Serbian Orthodox Churches in Vancouver, community centers, and my home, but today, 90% of my teaching is via Skype!

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We Create Our Own Smell of Peace

“When frankincense starts burning, I feel purity with every breath I take. I feel peace, warmth and the presence of intangible security – primeval, from ancient times, omnipresent, and only enhanced in moments of dedication…” – Marija Vrebalov

While thinking about my vocation of the designer, about creativity, creation and the impact all of this has on my personal life and the lives of people I cooperate, or have cooperated, with – if I have only just touched someone else’s life with this part of my own – I realized that we all share one thing: we all love to leave our mark in our space. We love our mark: on our wardrobe, in a cooked meal, a written word…

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